English Bay Moonset

A near-full moon sets into the waters of the Strait of Georgia west of Vancouver Canada. October 19, 2021, at 6:09 AM. Click here to see the pricing options for limited edition copies of this print. Only 11 copies of this print will be created with prices start at $49.99. One of the cool things…

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Misty Morning Sunrise

Vancouver has a relatively temperate climate with temperatures, year-round, ranging between -5’C on the rare cold day in winter to the mid 20’Cs during mid to late summer. This year (2021) was an exception though and we experienced three heat waves with a deadly one, province-wide, in late June. This shot was taken just before…

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Cosmos Sulphureus

Waiting To Bloom

Macro photography often becomes an adventure of discovery. A chance to see the beauty all around us that we often miss. It also provides a perspective on the intricacies and delicate mathematical precision that the world of nature holds. Beauty that we can see if we just take the time to stop, bend down and…

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