Vancouver is home to the Port of Vancouver. The largest port in Canada and the fourth largest by tonnes shipped and received in North America. It processes cargo to and from 170 countries worldwide and stations the various ships that ply their trade in English Bay, as seen in this photo. On a busy day, up to twenty boats are stationed in the bay made up of a mix of resources, crude oil, bitumen and cargo containers.

English Bay spills west out into the Strait of Georgia. A waterway that separates Vancouver Island from the British Columbia mainland is home to several established orca pods and transient pods that migrate north and south during the year.

The native wildlife, such as the communities of orcas and the ocean-going cargo fleets, mix about as well as oil and water. And while various regulations help minimize the impacts as the local climate changes, something that’s warming at twice the global rate, the future looks bleak.

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