Weathered wood at the Kinkade Farmstead on Vancouver Island.
Weathered Wood

As a photographer, I’m fascinated by what anthropologists and climate scientists call “deep time.” A term coined during the mid-19th century as the study of Earth’s current ice age cycle reached its first moment of what would become a scientific revolution. The understanding that Earth is very, very old. Incomprehensibly old.

This fascination with time is not unexpected. Using time as an element of composition in creating a photo, like we use light and colour, gives us yet another creative dimension.

With the dimension of time being so integral to our craft, it’s no surprise then that photographers flock to abandoned spaces like a bear rushes towards a pot of honey. Here we will find no shortage of compositional possibilities that capture time in action. A long-forgotten spot where Mother Nature tirelessly puts to use one of Her elemental powers – time. A chance to catch deep time in action. One where the constructions of the past fade to dust and transform into what comes next.

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