Supernatural British Columbia

Vancouver's Kitsilano neighbourhood looking west towards the Strait of Georgia Gulf Islands.
Sparks Lake Fire Aftermath

Canada’s west coast is a pretty magical place. So much so that British Columbia’s tourism ministry came up with the catchy phrase “Supernatural British Columbia” over a decade ago. Nature on a mystical level beyond the ordinary. Home to millennia-old families of Douglas Fir trees gazing down on a pod of Orca whales leaping out of the chilly waters into the warm morning sunshine.

And while the citizens of the larger urban areas of British Columbia have, as Joni Mitchell sang, “paved paradise and put up a parking lot,” there are still magical views to be found even from the urban canyons of glass and steel.

This photo looks west from downtown Vancouver towards the Kitsilano neighbourhood, and the hilly Gulf Islands sprinkled south to north along the Strait of Georgia.

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